Balloon Camp 2017

Basic Details:

Date: Sunday 18th of June – Tuesday 20th June

Start time: Arrival from 2pm

Location: Log Cabin Camp 270 Ascot Road Creswick

What’s included:  2 night accommodation, all meals, choice of 12 classes and entertainment!


Sleeping / Accommodation style: Camp will be bunk bed style accommodation with one share bathroom per room. Rooms vary in size from 10 – 14 per room.

If you have special requests about who you share a cabin with please contact us as soon as possible as this will be done on a first in best dressed

If you prefer to stay off sight there are other local accommodation options available.


We will be bringing to you 4 international (see below) from twisting and décor background. There will be many classes for you to choose from so something to suit everyone’s ability, business and taste.

Food & Drink:

Food will start with afternoon tea on the first day and end with Lunch on the last. All alcohol must be brought with you as there is not a bar onsite.


-          Games Night

-          Flying Fox / Giant Swing outdoor activity

-          DJ / Karaoke Night

What you need to Bring:

-          General Clothes Etc

-          Balloon Pump

-          Sheets Pillow and Sleeping bag

-          Alcoholic beverages